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    Here’s a quick update, things have been moving fast and furiously. New SHW systems are going in, bids for energy engineering projects and solar electric systems are out there waiting for stimulation.

    Meanwhile the ‘proof-of-concept’ hybrid concentrating solar system is performing well, and about to be inhanced so that the next generation will be ready for ‘prime-time’ commercialization next spring.

    Life in Boothbay Harbor has slowed down, but inside this super-insulated passive structure with active solar systems it still feels warm and sunny. For the cold overcast days, we have a woodstove that heats the radiant floor and provides a great warmth. On the cold, damp days, Trudy likes getting close enough to the stove to melt most synthetic materials, but whatever floats her boat. I’m looking forward to cranking the collectors up to 67 degrees and wading through some snow in December & January and having the days lengthen and the the collector tilt come back down toward 22-degrees.
    Have a wonderful holiday season everyone!

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    Hello friends,
    I’ve just ordered 1.35 kW of PV for the house. This system will suply a .7 solar fraction (S.F.) for our typical electric consumption. We have paid a $0.02/kWh premium to purchase local (Maine) R.E. generated electricity, which has cost $0.195/kWh, rather than purchase any brown power. With this high electric costs and the added load from running business equipment, we are approaching ~230 kWh/month which cost us ~$45/month.
    So based on the economics (a 5% home equity loan w/10 year term, the State solar incentive of $2,000 ($2/W up to 1KW), the 30% Fed Tax credit on the remainer, and Maine’s net billing policies), this project reaches (and exceeds) parity with grid supllied power, if we finance 100% of the project cost. That means that for the next 10 years, my loan payment for the PV system will be less than the avoided cost of electricity that the system produces. Thus in affect, I’ve locked in >70% of my electric expense at a lower rate for 10-years. After 10 years (for the next ~30) the only cost for the solar electricity produced will minor maintenance associated with replacing the inverter at the end each of it ~12 -15 year lives.

    You could have had a PV. (You still can!)
    If you have a business, the economics are even more appealing, because of the allowed excellerated depreciation treatment.
    Can I take your order?

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