Stimulus – 100% Depreciation Tax credit

20 kW Pv with 100% Depreciation example 

Heliotropic Technologies would like to inform business property owners that (right now!) there are exceptional federal  incentives and tax credits available for commercial properties that install solar or wind systems.  These financial incentives combined with Maine’s Net metering policy (the electric energy produced  by the renewable systems during 12 months is credited at ‘retail value’ and  goes toward reducing the location’s 12-month electric bill) creates synergy and an opportunity to own sizable solar electric systems with a small investment, that could create positive cashflows (from reduced energy expenses) before the end of year 2, and thereafter.

 In December 2010, the IRS’s provision for bonus depreciation for solar and wind energy systems was amended by The Tax
Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010  (H.R. 4853)
. Under these amendments, eligible property (solar and other renewable energy systems) placed in service after September 8, 2010 and before January 1, 2012 qualifies for 100% first-year bonus depreciation. For 2012, bonus depreciation will still available, but the allowable 1st-year deduction reverts from 100% to 50% of the eligible basis and the remainder is expensed with a 5-year accelerated depreciation treatment.

 The long & short of this act is that with the 1-year special depreciation tax treatment (stimulus) established for this year (until December 31, 2011), along with lower solar system’s installed costs, makes installing solar systems on your farm rooftops much more financially attractive than it ever has been.  During the last few years PV equipment costs have dropped considerably, and this along with the special tax treatment, and a 1% small business loan (up to $35,000), makes the financials look much better. This means that businesses that install solar systems this year not only receive the 30% federal tax credit or grant, and up to a $2000 state incentive, but they can fully depreciate their solar system’s cost, thus lowering the net installed cost to about ~ 1/3 of the full cost, which will create a very excellent returns on investments and reduced environmental footprints for your businesses. Please contact Michael at (207) 633-1061 to find out more about this time-limited opportunity ASAP.

 The following Financial Analysis illustration assumes that a 20 kW PV system is installed at a Maine business this fall for a cost of $5/W, and that the farm utilizes a 1% Efficiency Maine Trust/ FAME small business loan instrument.  This illustration is a made-up example and is not binding in any way.  Please check with your tax accountant, as Heliotropic Technologies does not provide tax advice information.

The example shows a large 20 kW PV system with an installed cost of $100,000, all of the tax grants, credits, incentives and a
$35,000 1% low interest loan from Efficiency Maine Trust/Fame financed with 10 year term.  Based on these assumptions the investment’s cash flow becomes positive in year 2, and was only about three thousand ($3,000) dollars negative after year 1.  After 20 years of operation, the solar electric system should produce approximately $77,000 of operational savings.


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