Property Manager's Letter

January 6, 2009

Dear “Property Manager”:

As utility costs in Maine have skyrocketed in recent years, the market competitiveness of many properties with inefficient older heating systems has fallen dramatically. If you own or operate an electrically heated property,  need to upgrade your present heating system, or improve the operating efficiency of your facility, Heliotropic Technologies would like to help you to improve cash flow, profitability, upgrade your facility and improve client comfort at the same time!

Heliotropic Technologies is a full service energy service company that specializes in energy engineering, renewable energy systems, and efficiency upgrades to multifamily housing facilities, the hospitality industry and other commercial markets.  As experienced energy engineers, efficiency program developers and former consultants to several national ESCos, we have the capability to guarantee your savings if needed and deliver results. We can provide attractive unsecured financing to make these improvement plans a reality.

Working with Heliotropic Technologies offers you:

  • Unbiased auditing and analysis services, to identify savings opportunities and develop a comprehensive energy package that fits your budgetary needs.
  • A staff of energy professionals who are uniquely qualified to analyze your facility and then implement the recommended energy management recommendations starting from the design, through installation to the commissioning process, creating efficient  systems utilizing premium technology and equipment.
  • The security that we can back up our energy savings guarantee we make on any project.

Heliotropic Technologies is ready to help you enhance your property values and increase your energy efficiency. In order to demonstrate the benefits of our services, we will offer a low cost energy interview/audit to property owners or managers who contact us.  So, if you would like to benefit from facility improvements that could offer you guaranteed savings, immediate positive cash flow, and low interest long-term financing, please call my office at (207) 633-1061 or my cell phone at (207) 315-0990.  We estimate that we will be working with hundreds of facilities throughout northern New England this summer, so call us today and you too can begin to improve the market competitiveness of your property soon.


Michael J. Mayhew, PE, CEM, GBE


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