Municipalities & Institutional Strategic Energy Planning

Has the dynamics of the energy market created financial uncertainties that is making budgeting difficult?  Would you like to lock-in low cost energy for the long term?  Would you rather have more money to spend on books and staff, than simply burning up wasted energy?

Are you tasked with reducing your Carbon Footprint, but you’re not sure where to start?

Heliotropic Technologies can work with you to develop and implement Strategic Energy Plans to take advantage of the opportunities in the dynamic energy marketplace, while increasing your facilities’ value and reducing the environmental footprints.  Synergistic relationships created with Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects can provide excellent returns on investments (ROIs), while reducing the future financial risks for the life of the energy conservation measures.

We have performed energy engineering studies for many northern New England schools, colleges, hospitals and municipalities, and typically make recommendations that reduce energy operating expenses by up to forty per cent, providing returns on the investment of greater than 20%.   Our staff has managed over 50 performance-guaranteed energy savings projects for schools and municipal buildings.

To reduce your risk, Heliotropic Technologies can provide guaranteed-savings projects, and help coordinate the applicable efficiency incentives to further reduce the net project costs.  Contact us this afternoon and then enjoy your facility upgrades, locking-in low (future) energy expenses, while reducing your environmental footprint.  (207) 633-1061.

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