Property Managers

How about replacing your old equipment with new more efficient systems?

Would your clients appreciate being in environmentally-friendly properties?

Would you like managing properties with a greener image and lower operating expenses while improving the business climate by increasing your properties’ demand and separating it from your completion?

We can custom engineer a green solution for you and help you replace those old maintenance nightmares, with new state of the art equipment, that costs less to operate.

bath-maritime023-1Heliotropic Technologies has been promoting environmentally correct building solutions for decades.  We are experts in efficient lighting systems, HVAC, Green Building Design and Renewable Energy Systems.  We will work with the state energy programs, and the utilities to make sure that you receive all available incentives, and that your projects qualify for any Federal tax credits applicable.

While much of the economy has been slowing down, the demand for environmentally-friendly property has been rising.  We can help you reduce your property operating expenses, and increase the property value, often times with project financing that actually reduces your annual expenses as soon as you start the project.

Contact Heliotropic Technologies at 207-633-1061 today and have more valuable property in the very near future!


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