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Thursday, May 20th, 2010
Doing more with less


In May, we added a new PV system to provide ~72% (.72 SF) of our annual electric energy at Heliotropic Technologies.  Because we’re a wicked efficient operation, it only required a 1.35 kW system, which provides ~100% of our summer electricity needs, and ~70% of the Spring/Fall requirements.  With the state and federal tax credits and incentives combined with low interest rates, we’ve locked in our electric expense for the next 12 years at a lower cost than the “Green Power Option” grid-supplied electricity that’s being displaced.  After 12 years, this system (at retail cost) should provide us with virtually free energy that will then likely provide us with a S.F. of 1.0 (net-zero electric if we become ~30% more efficient by then).

Let us help you do the same.  It’s similar to the difference of owning your house versus renting, except owning the solar system will be less expensive than purchasing grid-supplied power.

Compare and Save

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Read our latest article, which includes a comparison table from an American Solar Energy Society (ASES) study which shows the approximate cost for financing a home and its energy expenses in comparison to the increased appraisal value.  This example compares a home with utility bills averaging $190 per month, or a total of $2,280 in annual utility costs.