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Maine Technology Institute Seed Grant Award

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Seed Grant Awardees

Approved by MTI Board

Project Summary

Concentrating solar electric collector system

Heliotropic Technologies, PA – Boothbay Harbor.
Heliotropic Technologies proposes to develop residential-sized concentrating solar electric collector systems using parabolic-shaped troughs with reflective surfaces to increase the direct solar light intensity reaching photovoltaic modules to increase their electric output.  This grant would allow Heliotropic Technology to develop technology that has not been available for smaller applications.

Heliotropic Technologies is a renewable energy systems implementation and energy engineering company that is ready to meet the demands of today’s marketplace.  Heliotropic Technologies was created to help the world become a better place by doing its part to reduce energy consumption and energy’s contribution to human-induced global climate change, while offering rewarding jobs to its employees.  Energy independence, demand for low intrinsic energy products, global climate awareness and other green marketing incentives have increased the demand for services and products that Heliotropic Technologies is uniquely positioned to provide.

Contact information:
Michael J. Mayhew, PE, GBE/ President
60 Campbell Street
Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538
207- 633 – 1061